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Author Topic: 10th CF First Round Mock Draft Contest  (Read 3962 times)

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10th CF First Round Mock Draft Contest
« on: April 03, 2016, 11:28:59 AM »

It's been about 6 years but this used to be pretty fun...anyone interested? I'll run it, just have your lineups in by midnight April 27th, 2016. If you guys want to make it more interesting we could do $10 entry fee winner takes all. If not and you just want to do the mock that works too.

It's been a while, so here are the rules:

The 10th CF NFL draft 1st round mock contest is ready to go. I know this looks like a lot of stuff, but it is just to cover all the bases. Please read this carefully.

- Anyone who wants to participate must submit a full first round mock draft.

- The mock must be messaged to me through the board IM by THURSDAY APRIL 27th by midnight.

- If you submit a draft to me and a major trade takes place involving picks, you can submit a new draft by the above date.  If there are no NFL trades there are no new drafts accepted.

- The mock may have any trades you want to make.  Yes the Eagles could draft #1 overall if you want them too.

- winner gets their name on the champs list and bragging rights.  And whatever name GF comes up with for them under their screen name.   

Tiebreakers- You must send in a tiebreaker question.   Tiebreaker question-  How many offensive players will be selected in the first round?
First tiebreaker is whomever correctly selected more perfect picks aka 10 pointers.
Second tiebreaker is the answer to the question above.

The scoring:
Right Team, Right Slot = 10 pts
Right Team, Wrong Slot = 5  pts
Wrong Team, Right Slot = 5 pts

a couple quick examples for anyone unfamiliar with that scoring.

For instance, The Titans select #1 in the first round.  If you have the Titans taking Tunsil with the #1 and they do take Tunsil with #1 you have scored 10 points for the correct team at the correct slot.

If you have the Titans trading down to the #3 spot and taking Tunsil, and they do that in the draft, you would also score 10 points.

If you have the Titans taking Tunsil at #1 and they trade down to #3 and take Tunsil you would score 5 points.  You had them taking the correct player, but not in the correct drafting slot.

If you have the Titans taking Tunsil at #1 and the 49ers trade up to the #1 spot and draft Tunsil you would get 5 points.  You had Tunsil at the correct drafting slot (#1), but had the wrong team selecting him.

If you have the Titans drafting Tunsil #1 and they draft Jalen Ramsey at #1 you get zero points for getting nothing correct.

Past Champions are:
2002- Henchman
2003- Diomedes
2004- Mikey
2005- Phreak/Troy
2006- DemonchildrenOnTurf
2007 - Demon
2008 - SunMo
2009 - Demon

The more people that sign up the more fun it is, so copy and paste away.

I think thats about it.  If you are interested sign up here.  If I missed something or if there are any questions post away.

Draft order

Round 1
1   1   Tennessee
2   2   Cleveland
3   3   San Diego
4   4   Dallas
5   5   Jacksonville
6   6   Baltimore
7   7   San Francisco
8   8   Philadelphia from Miami
9   9   Tampa Bay
10   10   New York Giants
11   11   Chicago
12   12   New Orleans
13   13   Miami from Philadelphia
14   14   Oakland
15   15   Los Angeles
16   16   Detroit
17   17   Atlanta
18   18   Indianapolis
19   19   Buffalo
20   20   New York Jets
21   21   Washington
22   22   Houston
23   23   Minnesota
24   24   Cincinnati
25   25   Pittsburgh
26   26   Seattle
27   27   Green Bay
28   28   Kansas City
29   29   Arizona
30   30   Carolina
31   31   Denver

Sidenote: New England forfeited their 1st round pick which would have been the 29th overall.
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Re: 10th CF First Round Mock Draft Contest
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