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Author Topic: Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles Legend  (Read 28666 times)

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Re: Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles Legend
« Reply #540 on: January 16, 2021, 08:57:37 AM »

This could go here or in the Wentz thread but since Wentz basically cost Doug his job here ya go

McLane goes deep. Worth the read and it’ll frustrate the hell out of you. Especially when you get to things like this

“ In the quarterback room, when his errors were pointed out, Wentz would sometimes make irrelevant excuses and Taylor wouldn’t correct him. For instance, there would be a play when he didn’t throw to an open receiver. The read was drawn up as designed, the coverage played out as expected, and he would be asked why he didn’t pull the trigger.
And Wentz would say the look wasn’t there, or he would overemphasize the pass rush, and when it was suggested the play be run again in practice as to get it right, he would object.”


“ By the bye week, Wentz had been sacked an NFL-high of 32 times. A coaching analysis deemed the quarterback responsible for almost two-thirds. Around the break, one offensive lineman had gone to management and requested a switch to Hurts.
“Everyone believed Carson had no clue about when to get the ball out on time,” a source said, “and as a result made his [O-line] look terrible in times they were playing fine.”

Wonder who it was?

This doesn’t make Doug seem much better on some things but it’s obvious that Wentz is the main reason he was canned.

But wait there’s more!

“Wentz dipping his eyes toward the rush early into his drop, but it had become all too apparent against the Packers.
Pederson made the call on his own, according to a source familiar with his thinking, without input from Lurie or Roseman. He said as much publicly and there was some skepticism. But after he was benched, Wentz went to the owner and GM to voice his frustration, a team source said.“

Little Wentzie ran to Jeff and Howie.
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