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Hey, do you guys remember ICQ? Neither does anyone else. Thankfully you can now put useful things on your profile, like MySpace, Pinterest, Google+, and DeviantArt. Along with those are some frippery like Twitter, Facebook, And LinkedIn. Use them if you want, or don't because you're on your phone and it may not have installed to the default mobile theme and also farg you.

Okay, they do show up for the mobile theme, but farg you anyway. They will not show up in threads, but they will on everyone's profiles, the Who's Online page, your friends list if anyone uses that, and in PMs.

Sgt PSN:
Does MySpace still exist?

This thread should be called, "Great news for Attention Whores."


--- Quote from: Zanshin on February 06, 2013, 08:19:34 AM ---This thread should be called, "Great news for Attention Whores."

--- End quote ---
FF already left, so he'll miss out on this whoring opportunity


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