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ConcreteField: We hate you, and we insist you conform to our ways

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We got some rules for you guys with sig pics. Say goodbye to your ginormous pictures and 8 minute .avi files converted to animated gifs. We've discussed this for a while now. We even brought in a few consultants to help us out. Rev. Jesse Jackson offered his services as an arbitrator, but we politely declined. So, here's the new rules for sig pics.

1. 50k in size.
2. No taller than 175 pixels.

We've got a few reasons for these rules. First and most importantly, I don't want to wait ten minutes while your seventy three little movies load. Second, and far less important I think, other people might feel the way I do.

Over the past week or so we've tried a few different methods for dealing with bigass pics. One method was letting users block whichever files they wanted to. Another was to resize these pics for people and upload them on our server. Another was to use resize tags. Another was to simply remove the pic from your signature. None of these is really an ideal answer, so we decided on the size cap.

thanks!  those movies lock up my screen. :boom

I'll obey.  :)

As long as I can continue to keep my quotes that only I find funny, I will continue to conform to the society set by our Lord and master, Mr. GF.

Susquehanna Birder:
I'd suggest that anybody who doesn't heed the request should have their sigs removed forcibly.   :evil


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