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 on: Today at 12:15:30 PM 
Started by Wingspan - Last post by phattymatty
greatawakening dot win

I would use Tor browser if you want to check it out - some really insane shtein.

 on: Today at 12:05:25 PM 
Started by Wingspan - Last post by Dre Day
DVR set. Tried finding one of their forums a few months back but no luck.

 on: Today at 11:45:25 AM 
Started by Wingspan - Last post by General_Failure
Q is most likely to be Ron Watkins, the son of Jim Watkins, who runs 8chan, which was too pedo heavy for the regular scum at 4chan.

 on: Today at 11:39:37 AM 
Started by Wingspan - Last post by ice grillin you
Vice has a three part qanon doc starting tonight if anyone wants to deep dive

i would say that i have read a lot of shtein on it...certainly more than i should have and i still dont get what it is at the heart of it...i understand the followers and the beliefs but i dont understand any of the technical nerdy online internet aspects of it in terms of how its distributed and how do you know its really q and why cant the fbi or even some good hacker figure who q is thru digital finger prints and shtein

 on: Today at 11:36:13 AM 
Started by PoopyfaceMcGee - Last post by MDS
ill take your mtg or lauren bobert and raise you a gym jordan in the senate

those 2 are dangerous treasonists dont get me wrong but they have no power and dont even know how government works. theyre there to grift money from idiots and go on OAN and yell about dominion.

 on: Today at 11:29:29 AM 
Started by Diomedes - Last post by MDS
someone from my agency left for penn gaming during the spring/summer....they have a ton of backing but its a super saturated marketing and theres no guarantee this will even work

i like him but when we talk im like dude i am not spending any money on your rancid maga lol rape app

its a fine story but im a slut for any barstool bashing so rehashed a lot of the stuff i knew

 on: Today at 11:26:33 AM 
Started by PhillyPhreak54 - Last post by MDS
ted williams was in his 50's when he first hit the nfl...he was done before he started as any kind of real nfl coach and had no connection to the eagles....duce was 35 an eagle legend and started basically right after retirement with his long time franchise and 10 years in couldnt get a sniff of anything...i suspect duce is a really really bad coach because the people that know and love him were like farg off....

altho the optics of this current white power offseason by lurie is certainly helping duce's case as far as his situation at least being racially tinged

duce has no shot to be a coach thats my point. hes been in the league for a while now, hasnt elevated past position coach. nobody else wanted him. eagles let him go and he winds up on a tanking team working for a joke head coach with the exact job he had before. thats just what he is -- ted williams jr.

why we're talking about him is because he was also a great player for the eagles and no other reason

 on: Today at 11:21:49 AM 
Started by PhillyPhreak54 - Last post by QB Eagles
They offered him OC in 2018, which he turned down because Doug calls the plays, so it's not like they've been straight shteinting on him all these years. They weren't about to change playcallers from the guy who just won the SB. Bringing in an offensive coach again guaranteed at least a couple more years of not calling plays, so he's gone.

They know Duce better than anyone and I doubt they would have let him walk if they thought he was ready to be a great HC.

 on: Today at 11:06:38 AM 
Started by PhillyPhreak54 - Last post by phattymatty
duce has been with the eagles for what like 20 years?  can't blame him for leaving.  but yeah it's more likely that he's a shtein coach as well.

 on: Today at 11:03:59 AM 
Started by Diomedes - Last post by PhillyPhreak54
I'll read the full article later when I have time.

But they're doing that in several spots now. Penn Gaming partnership opening up Barstool branded sportsbooks - they just did one in DET this past week. And the Penn Gaming stock has exploded.

One of my friends here sent me a video of Portnoy when he was in Philly. He's doing his pizza review and some guy from across the street yells out to him and says something like "yo what's up ya strap job" and I couldn't stop laughing/ He was like "what did he just call me" and the Philly guy says "I called ya a strap job" and he gets back in his car and drives off.

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