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Sounds like there’s a real shot that Texas and Oklahoma are going to join the SEC.

Which is hilarious to me bc the A&M people have been looking down on UT since their own move to the SEC.

Also seems like LATech and Louie-Laffy are headed to the B12.

yea i dont think those are the replacements for ou and ut. i mean there is no replacing them really but the b12 would try to poach boise, cinci, memphis, ucf, usf, even colorado state.

one theory banding about is the sec flirtation is a cover to get those 2 into the acc, who could then renegotiate their tv deal (which sucks) and everyone would be swimming in money.

theres a lot of scenarios going on here. b10 raiding the acc to match the sec, pac12 raiding the big 12, american picking up the scraps. who knows except rich white dudes will be richer and the rivalries people like will be dunzo

ice grillin you:
why is there even conferences

thats a potential way this could go. right now tv rights are sold by the conference and all sports are packaged into it. college football is the one that could break away from the ncaa. if its right are sold separately, im not sure if the 30/40 teams that break away would make more than staying in these conferences and selling rights and splitting them up 12-16 ways instead of 30-40 ways.

the sec deal, alone, is 3 billion.

QB Eagles:
It'll never happen for half a dozen reasons (mostly rooted in money) but college football is the one place promotion and relegation could work well in US sports. Play all the teams in your tier, throw in some cupcakes and rivalries to fill out the schedule. It's not really that different from how it works now except shtein programs wouldn't get to coast for decades in the top conferences.


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