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ice grillin you:
i never know where to put philly sports posts that pertain to more than one here it is

kinda spurred on by the DC young guns i posted last night if you had to pick a mount rushmore of philadelphia sports...but one from each franchise....what would it look like...talkin all time...not your favorite...maybe not even the best...but just who would be on the mountainside as the guy who represents the team the best and/or most associated with the franchise

sixers -
phillies -
flyers -
eagles -

and now your personal favorite athlete from each franchise both current and all time...philly heads who just like the eagles post your birds picks

sixers -current/alltime
phillies -
flyers -
eagles -


Sixers - Dr J
Flyers - Bobby Clarke (toothless smile on the sculpture)
Phillies - Mike Schmidt
Eagles - Reggie White

The first three were no brainers IMO but I struggled with the Eagles one. They don't have the best winning history nor a real iconic player except for Reggie.


Sixers - Iguodala / Dr J
Flyers - Giroux / Hextall
Phillies - Jimmy / Kruk
Eagles - Shady / Duce

sixers- AI (fair for all elders to go J)*
flyers- clarkey
phillies- schmidt for now, jimmy if this group wins another title
eagles- chuck bednarik

sixers - lou / AI
flyers - john leclair / the rooskie goalie because he was funny in 24/7
phillies - jimmy/jimmy
eagles - pimp/ dawk

*if were talkin philly hoops the answer has to be wilt. purely sixers its AI.

sixers: AI
eagles: Reggie
flyers: Clarke
phillies: schmidt tho carlton is pretty close

sixers: j'rue/AI
flyers: briere/probably lindros if it's just watching someone play
phillies: halladay or rollins for both
eagles: shady/westbrook

Mt. Rushmore:
Sixers - Julius Erving
Phillies - Mike Schmidt
Flyers - Bobby Clarke
Eagles - Reggie White

Current Favorites
Sixers - Lou Williams
Phillies - Jimmy Rollins
Flyers - Wayne Simmonds
Eagles - LeSean McCoy

All-Time Favorites
Sixers - Julius Erving
Phillies - Mike Schmidt
Flyers - Rod Brind'Amour
Eagles - Keith Byars


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