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ice grillin you:

the joe is right in it at half against nova...the perfect example of a big 5 game being close simply because its a big 5 joes coming off losses to rider and cornell against a really good undefeated nova team...should be a complete rout

its on the deuce for anyone that cares

big 5 aint ever gonna be what it was but its games like this that make it worthwhile to keep around

Sgt PSN:
good thread.  big 5 basketball is fun. 

ice grillin you:

--- Quote from: Sgt PSN on December 09, 2009, 10:24:18 PM ---big 5 basketball is fun. 

--- End quote ---

yes it is but as an FYI this is an all big 5 sports thread than can include anything from football recruiting to palestra double headers to penn lacrosse

btw in the coming weeks two different big 5 teams will play the #1 team in the country

includge a sarge vs lil guy special when kansas visits temple

nova is starting to bury the joe

kansas is literally going to beat them by 50 points. maybe more. temple is a fraudulent team this year and will be exposed once they stop playing crap teams.


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