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All they had to do was tie Canada.  They didn’t play badly at all; just couldn’t finish.   Pepi and Pulisic are mired in horrendous slumps and a lot of idiotic tactical fargups by Berhalter has left them in a tight spot but a draw against Mexico and a win against Panama seals it for them. 

That’s doable. 

And give US Soccer for scheduling Honduras in February in Minny.  That tool monster huevos and it could have gone horribly wrong but Honduras wanted zero part of that game last night.   

the canada L wasnt killer...the draws against el salvador, jamaica and canada at home were. 2-4 points left out there.

4 points gets them through but man oh man that panama home match is no lock W and lord knows theyve gagged before

We’re going to the Panama match. 

ice grillin you:
no Italy in the World Cup….hopefully America joins them

I was excited to see a Havas post in this thread bc I thought maybe you went to the hipster side to come talk MLS with lil guy


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