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--- Quote from: Rome on November 28, 2021, 08:26:04 PM ---Well, at least the Union won today.  Andre Blake saved two PK’s and now it’s on to their first ECF in team history. 

--- End quote ---

was waiting for them to gag...blake was in nashville's head after the 1st save

if nycfc wins, the match is in beautiful chester. leggoooo

QB Eagles:
The MLS Cup is about to kickoff in my neighborhood.

Rainy, cold, windy miserable day to watch bad American soccer for a resale price of $779 per ticket. No thanks.

should be the union...fixed scab pigs mls

USMNT in serious danger of not making the world cup again

their draw for the last 3 fixtures is horrible...everyone around them has cake games and they have to go to mexico/costa rica and host panama.

the panama match is everything. 3 points there = still alive. 1/0 points = deep deep trouble

Don Ho:
Nothing says WC qualifier like outdoors Saint Paul, Minnesota in early February.  What was it?  1 degree at kickoff?


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