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that shtein is awesome.

Fly Eagles Fly doesn't compare, even if it is the best NFL fan song.


--- Quote from: Diomedes on July 09, 2009, 06:44:05 PM ---
I've recently decided to support Liverpool in the premier league based on my love for the Pink Floyd song Fearless from Meddle (1971). 

--- End quote ---

Excellent!  :yay

I admit, I have little feel for the game, although I certainly don't have anything against it (a game with 2 billion or so fans around the world must have something going for it!). I've known a few soccer fans in the US who are very passionate about the game, and with my regular visits to Thailand since 2006, I've had some interesting conversations, mostly with Europeans, about it (I also find it interesting that the Thais themselves are typically avid fans of English Premier League soccer).

So, I'm open to being educated.

Dio, maybe you've mentioned it on another thread, but what spurred your interest in soccer? (That question goes for any other soccer fans on the board, too)


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