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Home alone for the weekend so I’ve been lounging and betting baseball

Padres up 5-3 in the 8th and give up a 2R HR to tie it. And then sure-handed Hosmer lets one go under his glove and KeBryan Hayes scores from
First to win the game in the bottom of the 10th.

Red Sox no hitting the Orioles and just lost, also in the bottom of the 10th, because their pitcher threw the bunt into left field. And he had the dude out by six miles but no he throws it away.

MLB betting is a cruel bitch. Hopefully the Phils and Rockies hold on so I don’t take too bad an L today.

ice grillin you:
alone and poor is no way to go thru life


I’m glad the old lady comes back today and that the Phils, Rockies, Tigers and LA/DET o4.5 and o5.5 hit.

Taking the Bucks today on the ML and +4.5

Dodgers have been favored in 300 straight home games

I have not watched more than 3 innings of Phils this year but I've been paying attention to the box scores and getting updates.  used to think betting on mlb was ridiculous but now that I've been doing dumb parlays I'm getting into it.

have hit 2 or 3 a week for the last several weeks.   tonight I had shwarber with 2 hits and 6 total bases and Phils win for +2400.  also had Stott and Bryce to both HR for +1400.  first time I've hit two wild parlays in same game.


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