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ice grillin you: 21

All of CF should pitch in and take the ride

im in if geo's in

bengals are about 8-1 so payout would be almost exactly the same if you just bought that on your own at the book. 

Mack has gobs of money

He runs free furniture promos here (bought one of my couches from his store - but not on a promo) where if for example you buy a $3k tempurpedic mattress and Bengals win you get it free. So he will go hedge by betting opposite. When the Astros won in 2017 my buddy and his wife won close to $10k in furniture.

Rumors are he also sold some coke back in the day

But he’s ice cold on his bets this year. I have to imagine he’s in the red despite people having to pay for their furniture. 21


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