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I'm not a real big College BB fan so they only time I'm in the money are when the tourney cranks up.

I actually won the most money by betting baseball this year.

ice grillin you:
im math retarded and cant understand the baseball odds no matter how many times they are explained to i dont bet it

you dont even have to know that much about college basketball to hit the small school bets...just study the records and stats...ive found out that many of them will look like sucker bets...where if it was two more well known teams you wouldnt touch it because of that...but with these teams it seems like a sucker bet but they stay true to what it looks like

both games i hit last night were teams way over .500 vs teams well under game was a pick em and in the other game a 10-3 team was getting points vs a 4-9 team

granted i know a lot about loyola because they are i know they got two transfers from umd who are far and away the best players in the conference..but in general if you have the time one night take a look at some of those type games

ice grillin you:
ok we got some good small college plays tonight

akron -13 @ cent. mich: blowout in the making....akron usually covers fairly easily

drake -3 @ indiana St: drake already beat IS this year...and IS's star player just got hurt.

manhattan +3.5 @ Marist: manhattan is the class of the conference...marist has pulled off some good wins lately and that scares me but i dont think theyre ready for manhattan

you must love college basketball to follow those teams IGY.

Or he must love gambling.


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