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ice grillin you:

its an obscure game but cal state sacramento at weber st is a pick em right now...sacramento has been on a roll lately and weber state is pretty bad

loyola md is +4 against a 4-9 niagra team...seems like an unbelievable sucker bet but why not take it

skins plus the 9.5 is golden too...seattle doesnt blow out good teams


--- Quote from: ice grillin you on January 14, 2006, 12:07:13 PM ---skins plus the 9.5 is golden too...seattle doesnt blow out good teams

--- End quote ---

ice grillin you:
was a good went exactly as i thought...hall doesnt choke that kick and i win

loyola won for me and sactown is winning so tonight is looking ok

ill have three more locks tomorrow

I put $$ on the under in Seattle-Washington.   :yay

Put $$ on LSU to cover 6 against Tennessee.  :yay

But also placed $$ on NE.   :boo

Fortunately, I just came in 3rd in a 20$ 1540 person PartyPoker tournament and pulled in 2500, so for the night, I'll take it.   ;D

ice grillin you:
that seattle taterskin under was a great bet...i almost grabbed that myself but already had my three 'locks'...which i hit two i cant be mad

sac state and loyola both hit for me...if you really study small college basketball it can win you nice cake.


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