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xx Nick Sirianni - Head Coach

January 21, 2021, 02:13:03 PM by PhillyPhreak54

Letís see what this guy does.
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xx Head Coaching Search

January 12, 2021, 11:20:30 AM by PhillyPhreak54
All the info in one spot for Dio...

They have requested interviews with;

Niners DC Robert Saleh
Titans OC Arthur Smith
Bucs DC Todd Bowles

They have also reported interest in Lincoln Riley and of course in-house candidate Duce. No word yet that I have seen on requesting permission for Bieniemy or Daboll.

Lurie has said in the past he prefers to not hire a defensive minded coach but Saleh is a top guy. Not sure how serious the interest in Bowles in.
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xx 2021 Draft Discussion

January 01, 2021, 04:48:38 PM by PhillyPhreak54
Current order is:

1. Jacksonville (1-14)
2. NY Jets (2-13)
3. Miami via Houston (4-11)
4. Atlanta (4-11)
5. Cincinnati (4-10-1)
6. EAGLES (4-10-1)
7. Detroit 5-10
8. NY Giants 5-10
9. Carolina 5-10
10. Denver 5-10

The Texans play Tennessee and the Titans have to win. So Iíd expect them at full strength and not sitting anyone.

The Falcons play Tampa Bay and the Bucs have lost White and Barrett to the COVID list but should be full strength otherwise. ATL is without Julio but who knows which Falcons team shows up.

The Bengals play the Ravens and Baltimore has to win. So theyíll likely lose and finish 4-11-1.

Detroit plays Minny and neither has anything to play for. Vikes are without Cook

Carolina plays New Orleans and of course the Giants play the Cowboys

I was all about Penei Sewell but with the emergence of Mailata and Dillard still here Iím off that train. Plus he wouldnít likely get past Cincy.

The next focus is on WR.

JaMarr Chase or DeVonta Smith

Miami, with Houstonís pick, is going to take one. Iíd prefer they go Chase and the Eagles get Smith but either way Iíd be cool.

But they need to lose tomorrow.
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xx Week 16 - Cowboys: Please Lose

December 21, 2020, 12:01:32 AM by MDS
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