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Been thoroughly entertained by the Pittsburgh-Detroit game.  Pittsburgh scored four runs in the top of the 9th to go ahead 10-6.
 Detroit scored four more to send it to extra innings.  And the game winning run by Detroit was overturned by a lengthy review in the 10th inning.  Ron Gardenhire was thrown out by both umps involved in the review.

ice grillin you:
bryce harper just split his bat in half and hit a homer off degrom....unreal

Don Ho:
Red Sox messed up the Halos.  Ohtani 2 IP 4 H 3 R

Sean Manaea has a no-hitter through 7 against Boston.  It includes the umpires gathering and ruling Andrew Benintendi out of the baseline on a close play at first to end the 6th.

EDIT:  Got it.

Don Ho:
Oakland Alameda shteinhole was 90% Red Sox Nation tonight.  That abomination needs to be blown to smithereens.

Great to see those chowdah heads suck ass watching their beloved Sawxs get no hit.


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