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Season Tickets May Be Available

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I may have two available this year.

Section 110, Row 3, End Seats

Face is $1,900 for the pair.  If anyone wants them let me know.  If my buddy flakes out on me they can be had.

PS: I might sell the SBL rights too.  Good for another 20 years, I believe.  Face on those when I bought them was $1,800 apiece.   The seats directly in front of mine are the red zone things that are $295/ticket, so you could possibly mock them mercilessly as a bonus!

testes 1-2-3  ???

I have a great system for getting tickets. My mom usually hooks me up with a couple of pairs, havas sells em cheap, and people just give them away when it's cold. Saves me a lot of money.

Sgt PSN:
Pretty much. Though I did end up paying way over face so that I could take my kids last week. Single ticket or even a pair is easy to score on the cheap. 4 together seems to be a bit harder to come by.

Susquehanna Birder:
If that deal was available for 2016, I'd strongly consider it. For season tickets (and SBLs) this should become something of a buyer's market.


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