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How Much Does It Take

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to run Concretefield for a year?  I noticed the Donate icon at the bottom.  If I donate a years worth can I be a mod?  I would ban that fargin Todd right offa this board.  Maybe we can come up with some kind of contest like a suicide pool and when you get knocked out you have to donate some scratch. 

I like this board.  Not the people on it, just the board.  I'd like to see it up and running until the end of the world. 

Like 6 months or so right?   :paranoid

It costs $120 a year to keep this going, and no you can't be a mod. Ever.

ice grillin you:
banning people on a message board that has six active members sounds like a great idea

Great point, let's bring King Cole back.

I wonder if he ever found his Bike


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