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Author Topic: The "what the farg is wrong with this world" thread  (Read 122402 times)

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Re: The "what the farg is wrong with this world" thread
« Reply #2356 on: February 22, 2019, 05:40:41 PM »

we are now 48 hrs out from this and there hasnt been a single word spoken about it from trump or ANY republican congress person....par for the course from trump as he is a literal white nationalist but not a single republican at all is stunning....and even more stunning is not a word from the farging justice department...some historian can probably correct me but it has to be the biggest plot against the government since the lincoln assassination and the right is literally acting like it didnt happen

it truly is a sickening and frightening time we are in right now

amen! this should be the biggest one of the biggest stories of our lifetimes....but some actor lied, so.....

White people are always looking for ways to be the victim, you know this
perhaps you could explain sd's reasons for "disliking" it as well since you seem to be so in tune with other peoples minds
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