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--- Quote ---With Heckert heading to Cleveland, Roseman will become Philly G.M.
Posted by Mike Florio on January 10, 2010 10:17 PM ET
On Friday, we reported that Eagles G.M. Tom Heckert was expected to jump into a lateral position with the Browns "soon."

"Soon" turned out to be two days.

Per the Associated Press, Heckert has accepted the job and will work for Browns president Mike Holmgren, and with Browns coach Eric Mangini.

Bob Brookover of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Eagles V.P. of player personnel Howie Roseman is expected to become the team's General Manager.

The Eagles have been bracing for Heckert's departure for two years; in early 2008, owner Jeffrey Lurie recommended Heckert to Falcons owner Arthur Blank.

In Cleveland, Holmgren apparently has final say over all football matters, with Heckert and Mangini presumably reporting not to each other but to Holmgren directly.

Then again, if Holmgren's decision to keep Mangini entailed forcing Mangini to place and keep his tail between his legs, it's possible that Mangini will report to Heckert, and that Heckert will report to Holmgren.
--- End quote ---

I think I just heard Havas' head explode.


A nugget of info that I found out...

Howie Roseman ran last year's draft.


More on it.

--- Quote ---Eagles' Heckert apparently headed to Cleveland

By Bob Brookover

Inquirer Staff Writer

ARLINGTON, Texas - The Eagles returned to Cowboys Stadium last night for their first-round playoff game against Dallas, but general manager Tom Heckert did not accompany them.

That's because Heckert is about to become general manager of the Cleveland Browns, opening the door for Howie Roseman to replace him.

Attempts to reach Heckert yesterday were unsuccessful, but a team source indicated that multiple reports about the general manager's decision to take the job in Cleveland were correct. The source said as of yesterday afternoon that Heckert had not officially notified the Eagles of his departure.

Heckert, 42, will likely have a role in Cleveland similar to the one he has had with the Eagles. Since joining the team in 2002, Heckert had been Andy Reid's top personnel adviser, but the head coach always had final say in the team's draft and free-agent moves.

The final say in Cleveland will belong to Reid's mentor, Mike Holmgren, who returned to the NFL last week as the Browns' president. Heckert grew up rooting for the Browns because his father, Tom Sr., was a scout for the team in the early 1980s.

During Heckert's tenure in Philadelphia, the Eagles won four NFC East titles, and went to four NFC championship games and one Super Bowl. His first draft, in 2002, when he did not yet have the title of GM, produced Pro Bowlers Brian Westbrook, Lito Sheppard, and Michael Lewis, as well as cornerback Sheldon Brown.

Fourteen of the Eagles' 22 starters last night were drafted during Heckert's tenure, and three others were undrafted free agents signed on his watch.

Heckert had interviewed with several teams over the last four years, including Cleveland last year, but he pulled out of consideration after the Browns hired Eric Mangini as their head coach.

What was different this time?

Perhaps the fact that Heckert was in the final year of his contract and Howie Roseman's influence in the personnel department has been on the rise the last two years.

Roseman joined the Eagles in 2000 as staff counsel and salary-cap manager and was promoted to director of football administration in 2003, with the title of vice president added in 2006. A team source indicated that Roseman is in line to be the next GM.

In 2006, he started to become more involved in the personnel side of things and was instrumental in the Eagles' free-agent signing of Juqua Parker, who has been a starting defensive end the last three seasons.

After the Eagles fired Jason Licht, who was hired by Heckert, from the personnel department after the 2007 season, Roseman was promoted to vice president of football administration. According to the media guide, Roseman manages the college scouting staff, organizes and runs draft meetings, and serves as a scout for the top college prospects.

Pretty soon, Roseman is going to have the title of general manager.
--- End quote ---

Excellent. They got a guy for GM because he's a bean counting cap manager, probably going into a season without a cap.


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